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much more compact, still designed by Devialet, but still so unintelligent


After the Sound X, Huawei unveils the Sound. A small living room speaker designed hand in hand with Devialet.

Huawei Sound X

Huawei Sound X

After the Sound X, Huawei has just announced the Sound. Once again, Huawei is collaborating with the French Devialet on audio technologies and acoustics.

Designed with French Devialet

This Sound is significantly smaller than the Sound X. It is a Wi-Fi speaker, but it is also Bluetooth (LDAC) and has 3.5mm auxiliary connections.

Huawei Sound X avec Devialet

Huawei Sound X avec Devialet

It still integrates four speakers, with a 4-inch 40W woofer and three 5W wideband speakers. To bring power to the whole, Devialet has set up a push-push configuration for suppress vibrations.

This in turn reduces the presence of distortion to ensure stable sound quality even at a high level. Huawei thus evokes a power of up to 90 dB without loss or noise.

Huawei Sound X avec Devialet

Huawei Sound X avec Devialet

Regarding the bass, the Sound incorporates the SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology from Devialet. This consists in perfectly adapting the amplification stages to the electroacoustic behavior of the loudspeakers. In other words: Devialet promises you a live concert experience in the comfort of your living room.

Thanks to the three full-range speakers, spaced at 120-degree angles, along with Devialet SPACE technology, the Sound would provide 360-degree surround sound. We will have to see what the Sound can offer, this is one of the challenges of these speakers which use algorithms.

She is neither connected nor intelligent

Huawei does not mention on-board assistants … but it is quite limited for the moment. Already, the Sound will only be compatible with Android, iOS support is not yet planned.

In addition to being limited to Android, exit Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You will also be limited depending on the music service you use. Basically: there is no natively compatible streaming service. It is therefore impossible to speak of a smart speaker.

Huawei Sound price and availability

The Huawei Sound will be available from March 16, 2021 at a price of 179 euros. Huawei is planning a launch promotion with a price of 150 euros until April 15.

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