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more than 600 km of autonomy for the technological flagship of the brand

Formerly known as BMW iNext, the new BMW iX electric SUV received its first official introduction as part of the #NextGEN virtual event. The opportunity to get to know a first part of its characteristics one year after its commercial launch.

BMW had planned to pull out all the stops to introduce its all-new electric SUV, the BMW iNext, as a world premiere. But forget this surname immediately, since the German brand has renamed it BMW iX for the occasion, which here represents “the flagship of BMW Group technological news», To quote the inevitably flattering words of the official press release.

5G technology

The BMW iX (and not “the”) “brings together the latest developments of the company in areas of strategic innovation such as design, automated driving, connectivity, electrification and services“, Insists the document, which specifies in passing that the model presented is currently in the final phase of development for the production version, expected in a year.


The front cabin of the BMW iX // Gamesdone: BMW

Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Directors of BMW AG and Head of Development, gives a few more details:

[La voiture] has more computing power for data processing and more powerful sensors than the most recent vehicles in our current range, it supports 5G technology, it will be equipped with new and improved driving and automated parking functions and it uses the high performance fifth generation of our electric propulsion system.

The famous radars, sensors and cameras are also placed in the vertical grille, which is reminiscent of butterfly wings. Also on the outside, the electric four-wheeler sports flush door handles and a panoramic roof. Inside, BMW mentions a mix of high-quality materials, several storage spaces, heated surfaces, a head-up display, all in a refined atmosphere.


The front of the BMW iX // Gamesdone: BMW

The published photos also highlight two screens: one as a combined digital instrumentation, while the other, probably tactile, will act as an infotainment system. As for the overall dimensions of the vehicle, the brand from across the Rhine gives only a few clues. “The BMW iX is comparable to the BMW X5 in length and width, and has almost the same height as the BMW X6 ».

Power and range of the BMW iX

In other words, the automobile is about 4.9 meters in length, 2 meters in width and 1.7 meters in height. That which takes advantage of the fifth generation BMW eDrive sports two electric motors for a maximum power of more than 500 horsepower, indicates the manufacturer. Enough to bring down the 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds.


BMW iX // Gamesdone: BMW

Its large 100 kWh battery also gives it a range of over 600 kilometers, according to the WLTP cycle. Compatible with fast charging up to 200 kW, the pack recharges from 10 to 80% within 40 minutes. Also allow 10 minutes to recover 120 kilometers, or 11 hours for a full charge on an 11 kW Wallbox.

BMW should communicate more about its vehicle in the coming months, including completing its technical sheet and specifying the different variants and finishes that will make up the final offer. Without forgetting the most important: the price.

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