Wednesday, January 27

Mistakes everyone makes when making coffee

In case you like to drink a quality and tasty coffee, you cannot afford these mistakes that we are going to comment on. If you like to enjoy a good coffee, you should prepare it as if it were a ritual of great importance. Just as there is a technique to prepare the perfect tea, there are also a series of tricks that you must follow if you want your coffee to be better than ever. In order to help you, we have prepared some tips that will surely be very useful to avoid mistakes. Some of the errors that we are going to tell you occur in capsule coffee machines and others in Italian ones. Here we no longer get involved, everyone prefers (or can afford) a type of coffee maker and enjoys more the purity and coffee of one model or another, just as there are those who buy coffee already ground and others directly in beans. In any case, let’s get to the important thing: mistakes that you may make when preparing coffee and that you can avoid as much as possible. What does science say about coffee? There are some tips to help you make the best coffee and decide how best to make it at home. Serving the hot coffee in a cold cup You could say that this is top of the line, but if you want to enjoy a good fresh coffee, do not serve it in a cup that is cold and it will lower its temperature instantly. You can heat it up with some hot water first, but don’t forget to pat it dry. Using water that is not hot enough If you use a capsule coffee maker, check from time to time that the water that comes out is as hot as it should be. It may over time lose temperature or deteriorate, an aspect that would deteriorate the quality of your coffee. Grinding the bean too far in advance If you buy coffee beans, the best thing to do is grind it just before preparing it. Otherwise it will be like buying it directly ground because it will lose part of its properties and flavor. Choosing wrong when buying coffee beans Just because it is coffee beans does not mean that it is of higher quality, if you don’t pay for it. Sometimes stores can sell mediocre coffee that is worse than supermarkets. Smell, ask, and taste different types before choosing one. Overfilling the coffee machine With Italian coffee machines, you have to fill the portafilter with coffee, but without pressing it afterwards to press it too hard. Look in the eye or run a knife to remove anything that is left over. Using poor quality water Here we enter the most gourmet palates, but sometimes tap water is of poor quality and can change the flavor of the coffee even if it is boiled. If you think that the water that comes to your house is undrinkable, the coffee will not be good either. Do not clean the coffee maker This happens especially with the Italian ones, that sometimes the coffee runs out and for not cleaning it, another is prepared without scrubbing. It is a mistake for different reasons. In addition to the mold that may come out, the coffee may change flavor. It’s not that hard to pour a water on it, right? Storing coffee poorly Avoid being in a place with humidity or try to store it in a closed container. Coffee that is in the air or unprotected loses quality and flavor if it is left too long. Since you want to enjoy good coffee, are you going to ruin it by not keeping it well?

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