Wednesday, August 4

Microsoft would still like to end support in 2025

On the eve of the announcement of the new Windows, the future of Windows 10 poses a lot of questions. Support will continue until 2025.

During the launch in 2015, Microsoft presented Windows 10 as a very important milestone in the history of the firm. This system was to put an end to the fragmentation of versions of Windows by being continuously updated free of charge as a service, like what Apple and Google offer with iOS and Android.

Almost 6 years later, the firm is ready to unveil a new generation of Windows known as Sun Valley on June 24, 2021. What to wonder about the end of support for Windows 10, but nothing has changed contrary to what some sites may indicate.

End of support expected in 2025

The official Windows 10 support page has been around the web for several days. It indicates that Windows 10 “will retire” on October 14, 2025. For many, this is confirmation that we will switch to Windows 11 by then. However, this page is nothing new and this end of support date has been published by Microsoft since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015. Obviously, this year, the firm needed to present to companies and professionals when its new system then would no longer be updated.

The main change applied by Microsoft to its update policy concerns intermediate versions. The company is abandoning versions of Windows 10 that do not have the last major update much faster. Thus version 1909 released at the end of 2019 is already abandoned by Microsoft and the 2004 version of the beginning of 2020 will be abandoned before the end of the year. We are on a much faster update cycle than in the days of the service pack.

If the Windows 10 support page is therefore not really a recent discovery, it remains true that Microsoft intends to end support for Windows 10 by 2025. The firm seems set to change systems by this date, but we must not forget that Microsoft has in the past already extended this kind of dates according to the installed base.

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