Thursday, June 24

Microsoft Windows 10X would introduce a dynamic watch inspired by smartphones

Slightly delayed, Windows 10X would introduce a “Modern Standby” mode at its launch. Inspired by smartphones, it would allow both instantaneous resumption of activity, but also the downloading of data during standby.

Windows 10X should allow you to resume activities at lightning speed from sleep

Windows 10X should allow you to resume operations at lightning speed after waking up // Gamesdone: Panos Sakalakis – Unsplash

With Windows 10X, Microsoft wants a more consistent connected experience, but also closer to what we are used to finding on smartphones in terms of flexibility and efficiency of use. The thing will pass by the arrival of a new file explorer, a largely simplified management of the drivers, but also by a new system of standby that Microsoft nicknamed “Modern Standby”.

The latter should in particular allow Windows 10X to continuously download certain data (retrieving emails, updating social networks and “Progressive Web Apps” content, etc.) when the device is on standby.

This active watch would also unlock an instantaneous resumption of activity, close to what smartphones offer with their unlocking.

A feature already enabled by most Windows Store applications

As recalled Windows Latest, Windows Store apps (UWP and PWA) are mostly already capable of exploiting this functionality. Most Microsoft applications like Outlook Mail, Calendar, Photos, OneDrive now also support downloading files and data (including attachments in the case of emails) during standby. The implementation of “Modern Standby” mode should therefore be simplified on Windows 10X.

Still, Microsoft has not formalized anything yet. The firm is indeed very discreet about the new features that Windows 10X will offer. We therefore learn of the existence of this “Modern Standby” feature through a secret update. old support documents, revealing the mention of this new standby mode for Windows 10 and Windows 10X.

Built on the basis of Windows Core OS, Windows 10X was initially announced for the end of 2020. It should finally appear on the horizon during the year 2021. Windows Latest, for its part, suggests a launch window for the second quarter, i.e. between March and June 2021.

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