Tuesday, January 26

Microsoft will finally release a screen recording app in Windows 10

The people of Redmond have finally decided to create a dedicated screen recording and video editing application for Windows 10, a tool that could be available in 2021. Although the Windows 10 operating system is quite complete, it still had to include a relative application that will only be dedicated to recording our screen and then sharing or editing it. While it is true that we can record the screen with the Xbox game bar that is activated with the Win + G keys, now what the Redmond ones will do is a tool designed more for productivity and not for games. But after the public demand, Microsoft has finally decided to work on a new screen recording and video and GIF editing tool for Windows 10. Now with a future PowerToys update, the Redmond team will present an interesting lightweight application screen recording under a familiar and easy-to-use user interface. Thanks to the new tool we will be able to create videos of anything we are executing, including all the actions we do, for example on the desktop. In addition we can also create GIFs, although with the limitation that we cannot convert the videos we capture to GIF, and that other third-party applications do. We will also have different tools on video editing. Once it is available we simply have to press the Windows + shift + R buttons at the same time and the application will run. Note that it is not a professional screen recording and video editing application so you don’t have too many options. From what it seems, activating it will darken the screen, and we can select any segment of it to enter the recording. The tool is still in its early stages of development, so it does not seem that it will be implemented this year, but it could be one of the novelties that we see in 2021.

[Vía: Windowslatest]computerhoy.com

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