Thursday, March 4

Microsoft unveils its new universal gaming headset

Compatible with smartphone, tablet, PC and Xbox, the new headset from Microsoft is intended for Xbox consoles. But it also wants to be universal.

Le casque Xbox Wireless Headset

The Xbox Wireless Headset // Gamesdone: Microsoft

It had been the subject of rumors before, and it is now official. The Xbox Wireless Headset was unveiled by Microsoft. This is the first official headset designed for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, but not that, that’s precisely the point of this new product.

A universal headset, just like Xbox

Like the new Xbox Series controller, the Xbox Wireless Headset is intended to be universal. It is therefore obviously compatible with Xbox consoles (Xbox One or Xbox Series) thanks to the Xbox Wireless protocol, but also in Bluetooth to be connected wirelessly to a smartphone, a tablet or a PC running Windows 10. And like the Xbox controller , the headset will be able to connect to two devices and switch easily from one to the other. USB dongle point here, everything will happen thanks to the wireless connections built into our devices.

Microsoft also promises an autonomy of 15 hours maximum for this headset, with a fast charge allowing to recover 4 hours of battery in just 30 minutes of charge. As always, the configuration of the headset will be done through the Xbox Accessories application, which can be found on Xbox consoles or on the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. The company promises to add new functions to the headset in the future thanks to software updates.

3D audio, not unlike the competition

Microsoft teams obviously announce that they wanted to focus on audio quality and comfort for this new product. With the Xbox Wireless protocol, Microsoft says it has particularly worked on latency, so that it is necessarily as low as possible, as well as compression, so that the sound is as little altered as possible. The Redmond firm goes so far as to talk about low latency lossless audio.

In addition, the Xbox Wireless Headset supports Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X, the three spatialized audio solutions on the market that will allow the headset to render 3D sound. This is obviously reminiscent of the 3D sound on which Sony insisted a lot during the presentation of the PS5, with its Pulse 3D headphones. If he remained more discreet on the subject, Microsoft had also confirmed the management of 3D sound on Xbox Series S and X. This headset should logically offer the best possible experience in the matter on the brand side at X.

Surface Headphone has been there

If we look at the design of the helmet, it also has a few arguments for it. In particular, we find the same dial system as on the Surface Headphones which makes it very easy to adjust the sound level on one side and the audio balance between voice chat and game on the other.

Surface Headphones dials

Surface Headphones wheels // Gamesdone: Frandroid

The microphone located at the front is completely integrated into the headset to disappear, especially when on the move, or to come out to arrive near the mouth during voice chat sessions. Microsoft offers noise reduction for the microphone only. It will be able to differentiate between your voice and the ambient sound to cut the latter and make clear sound to your interlocutors. Finally, the headset has an auto mute function to close the microphone automatically if you do not speak. This function can be deactivated.

Launch in March, pre-order now

The new Xbox Wireless headset is now available for pre-order for 99.99 euros in France. It will officially release on March 16 in France and in most countries where Xbox products are available.

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