Tuesday, March 2

Microsoft to help Volkswagen make self-driving cars

Microsoft and Volkswagen are teaming up to accelerate the development of self-driving cars. The German wants to rely on the American’s cloud infrastructure.

Volkswagen wants to speed things up in its design of self-driving cars and thus turns to Microsoft. The Redmond firm has indeed joined forces with the automaker. The goal of this partnership is to create a cloud-based automated driving platform, via Microsoft Azure.

The two groups have worked together in the past to make Volkswagen vehicles more connected. Today, their efforts will now also focus on self-driving cars.

Microsoft know-how

The German manufacturer thus wishes to rely on the know-how of Microsoft – and in particular its artificial intelligence – to efficiently manage the mountain of data generated by autonomous vehicles.

This alliance will thus allow “reduce development cycles to weeks instead of months“, We read in the Volkswagen press release. In the field of autonomous cars, partnerships seem to multiply recently. Microsoft has thus invested two billion dollars in the Cruise project of autonomous vehicles carried by General Motors. We recently learned that Peugeot-Citroën could participate in the Apple Car just like the competitor Nissan.

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