Tuesday, October 19

Microsoft employees will be able to work from home permanently


Microsoft has communicated to its employees the new work plans for the reopening of the offices in the United States. These plans contemplate the possibility of working from permanently. The pandemic has forced the confinement of the population in many countries of the world. In these circumstances, teleworking has become the only way to continue producing while the social distancing measures are met. For this reason, a large part of the companies whose activity can be carried out remotely, have chosen to offer their employees the possibility of working from home during these months of health crisis. But what will happen in the months to come? After this teleworking experience, everything seems to indicate that nothing will ever be the same again. In Spain, without going any further, a new regulation that regulates working from home has already been designed, although there are still quite a few loose ends that will have to be resolved. Microsoft, like most large technology companies, approved telecommuting since the beginning of the pandemic, and today almost all of its employees continue to work from home. Now, facing the reopening of the United States offices, the Redmond company has shared with its workers a guide with the new work plans that will be implemented when the offices reopen. If you find yourself far from your friends, family or coworkers, this is no excuse for not maintaining communication with them. Here are five apps that allow you to make group video calls to keep talking to those people. In accordance with this guide, the corporation has established a hybrid work plan in which employees can perform their duties from home, as long as the characteristics of their position allow it. Microsoft considers these scenarios: face-to-face work for positions that cannot perform their tasks remotely, work from home for 50% of the work week (with communication to the company but without the need for prior approval), or permanent telework in case of get approved by managers. Employees who take advantage of this last option will give up their place in the office, although they can continue to use the common spaces whenever they need it. Workers who are going to carry out their functions remotely will have the possibility of moving around the country, but if they do, their salary and benefits will be adjusted to the geographic pay scale of the company. Microsoft will cover the expenses of employees who telecommute permanently, but everyone who decides to move out of offices will have to cover their own relocation costs. If you work from home, it is sometimes not easy to reconcile comfort with professionalism. Work clothes aren’t comfortable to be at home, but you can’t show up for a professional video call in your pajamas … or maybe you can? Microsoft’s offices in the United States will not open their doors again until at least January 2021, so we will soon see how these new work plans materialize. Let’s not forget that Satya Nadella, CEO of the company, has already expressed her doubts regarding teleworking, since she considers that it does not allow the separation between work and personal.

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