Monday, March 8

Microsoft Edge will win widgets for the Windows 10 desktop

Like what exists on Android and iOS, the Microsoft Edge browser will have the right to widgets. Small modules to install on your desk to keep informed.

Some will undoubtedly remember Microsoft’s adventure in the field of widgets with Windows Vista and then Windows 7. More recently, Apple has illustrated itself by integrating widgets into iOS, one of the historic characteristic functions of Android. Widgets keep the user informed without asking them to open an app or website, which can be very handy on a daily basis. Microsoft’s new idea is simple: transcribe this principle for its Edge browser.

News, research and translation first

Some users of Microsoft Edge in its Dev version have started to discover these new widgets. As a test, for the moment it is only a widget dedicated to news, using the Microsoft MSN News feed, with a search bar for Bing, weather and stock market.

It will be interesting to see what other widgets Microsoft can develop for its browser, interconnecting with its services. We can imagine a widget dedicated to OneDrive, or one revealing the latest games from Xbox Game Pass.

Especially we obviously expect to see Microsoft open this possibility to external developers. Maybe a future widget for Frandroid? A little too early to talk about it.

For the moment, Microsoft indicates that this is a preliminary test accessible only to a part of Microsoft Edge Dev users.

Extension menu and tab search

This new version of Microsoft Edge also includes other new features for the interface.

We can mention the arrival of a menu for the installed extensions, allowing them to be gathered behind a simple puzzle icon. The menu resumes the same operation as the history or the favorites. This should free up space in the address bar for extensions requiring interactions.

The update also includes tab search, similar to what Google Chrome already offers. If you are the type to multiply the tabs, this makes it easy to find one, just by typing a few letters.

It remains to be seen when these new features will be available in the stable version of Microsoft’s browser. It is interesting to see the firm continue to enrich its software to offer it exclusive functions.

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