Tuesday, October 20

Microsoft continues to bet on its Bing search engine and changes its name

Microsoft’s commitment to its Bing search engine is great and one of the steps that they have valued as necessary is the name change. Last week we commented that the Bing search engine is one of those that Android users can choose for their mobiles and how important this possibility is for the project. From the company there is an obvious effort to seek a strong increase in followers, but it is difficult in a niche very well covered by Google. To promote it and achieve better integration with the rest of the brand’s products, Microsoft has decided to give it a new name, although it must be admitted that the risk in this change has been minimal, since as announced, it will be renamed Microsoft Bing. Microsoft Bing will be the name with which the search engine will be offered, it will appear like this on the Windows taskbar or in Microsoft 365, a small change that indicates how you will continue to invest and work on it. Although more news is also expected in the coming months. Although Google is the most widely used search engine, there are other very useful search engines with which to obtain different results, search for images or navigate with greater privacy. We show you the best alternative search engines. In addition, Microsoft has also changed the logo of the search engine and is committed to simplicity and blue tones very much to the taste of the house, as you can see in the image below. In the same statement, the Give with Bing program was also publicized, focused on charitable donations with Microsoft Rewards. An initiative that reaches up to 1.4 million organizations and that they hope to be able to promote with new promotional movements and a simpler and more attractive form of donation for users. Now it remains to be seen if Microsoft Bing users grow over the months. It can be thought that it is a very complicated task, but it must also be admitted that few thought that Microsoft would be able to convince us with a new search engine, and today Chromium is one of the best that we have at our disposal.


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