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Microsoft asks Xbox fans for their opinion on the PS5 DualSense

In a poll to early Xbox Series S and Series X owners, Microsoft wonders if the features of the new PS5 controller might appeal to its fans.

The PS5 got off to a flying start, and a success that far exceeds Sony’s production for the moment. If we put aside the enormous history of the PlayStation brand, we can clearly attribute the DualSense controller as one of the great qualities of this new game console. The manufacturer had the very good idea to include the game. Astro’s PlayRoom for free with the console to demo all the capabilities of this controller which offers increased immersion thanks to its adaptive triggers and new advanced vibrations.

On the Microsoft side, the Xbox Series X and S controller is intended to be a new iteration of the design created with the Xbox 360 and was thought to be a universal controller compatible with a lot of media, which fits the strategy quite well. from Microsoft in video games. It’s a great controller, but it clearly doesn’t bring the sparkling innovations of the DualSense to the video game market.

Microsoft wants to survey Xbox Series S and X buyers

In an online survey, Microsoft explicitly asked the question of the difference between console controllers to the first owners of Xbox Series S and X. The firm asks whether these owners are ” aware of functions present on PlayStation controllers “They” would like to have on the controller that comes with the console The Xbox. Apart from the two new features of the DualSense, we can also mention the absence of a microphone, a speaker, a gyroscope and a touchpad among the functions offered by the PlayStation controllers and which are not integrated into the Xbox controllers.

An excerpt from the survey in question

An excerpt from the survey in question

The survey allows in any case to see that the Microsoft teams are asking questions about the popularity of the technologies integrated by Sony in its controllers.

Towards a new version of the Xbox controller?

Obviously, many will imagine that a new Xbox controller could integrate the functions of the DualSense. Several patents filed by Microsoft also relate to adaptive triggers, a rather logical evolution of the vibrating triggers used since the Xbox One. In particular, we can imagine that a new high-end Xbox Elite Series 3 controller could perfectly integrate this kind of technology.

The importance of the installed base

But this is not the right question to ask. Indeed, even if the Xbox controller suddenly had access to these technologies, developers would still have to integrate these functions into their game. However, from the moment when the first Xbox Series S and X did not have controllers with these functions , the games cannot assume that all the controllers in the installed park are compatible. This is the genius of Sony and Nintendo to integrate special controllers like the DualSense or the Wiimote in good time from the start of a console’s life to provide support to developers. This is also what motivated Microsoft to integrate its Kinect camera with the Xbox One in 2013.

For the little anecdote, Sony had hesitated to offer some new features of the DualSense in a DualShock 4 “Pro” which would have been provided with the PS4 Pro. But it is precisely because of this installed park problem that the brand finally decided to wait for the PS5 to offer a new controller rich in new features. Conversely, note that this is also what allows Microsoft to offer compatibility for Xbox One controllers on all Xbox Series games, and conversely to use the new Xbox controller on Xbox One.

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