Thursday, January 20

Microsoft and Google Help Each Other Fix YouTube Audio on Windows


YouTube launches its videos without sound on your Windows PC? The problem is known and could be fixed quickly. Microsoft and Google have decided to work together to resolve it.

Microsoft and Google work together to fix YouTube audio issue on Windows

Microsoft and Google are working together to fix YouTube audio issue on Windows // Gamesdone: Photo by Christian Wiediger for Unsplash

Managing audio devices in Windows can be a problem for YouTube and to iron out these difficulties, Google and Microsoft have decided to work together. Through a file opened on the platform dedicated to the Chromium initiativeGoogle HTML5 specialist Dale Curtis reports that the group receives dozens of reports from users every day about audio issues on YouTube. The video starts normally… but without sound. In 95% of cases, he says, this recurring concern is reported by Windows users.

It is in this context that the interested party held out a pole to Microsoft, suggesting that YouTube and the Redmond giant could collaborate to test drivers and correct bugs. And good news, a Microsoft envoy has answered the call.

A concern of device management rather than a really annoying bug?

Previously, Dale Curtis established a Top 3 of the possible causes of the sound problem encountered by some YouTube users on Windows. The Google employee explains that in some cases, the user activates the “Mute” mode without realizing it, but explains that the problem can also come from a problem with the OS (accidental switching of the sound on another connected peripheral, for example), or drivers (this problem is accentuated since Windows can be used with a large number of peripherals).

Samuel Dallstream from Microsoft to picked up the torch, explaining that a solution would consist, for example, in implementing in Chromium browsers (this is the case of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) a system capable of signaling when the browser is silent or that its output volume has since been lowered. the settings. Two frequent concerns which are not necessarily visible to the user at present.

Edge could take advantage of more explicit sound management to solve problems encountered on YouTube

Edge could take advantage of more explicit sound management to solve problems encountered on YouTube // Gamesdone: Microsoft

In one other post, Samuel Dallstream also believes that it would also be useful to allow browsers based on Chromium to clearly display the audio status of Windows. The idea would be to bring a “solution to problems for users who muted Chromium or turned down its volume from the system menus and then forgot about these changes“. Changes that can also be applied by other applications behind the scenes, without the user being aware of it.

Clearly, the debate is open and the dialogue between Microsoft and Google is underway to find how to make life easier for their common users. In particular, this could result in the adoption of more readable audio settings on Edge and Chrome.


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