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Microsoft also considers the increase in the price of AAA games “justified”

While some publishers have already adopted a price of 80 euros for their AAA games launched on PlayStation 5, Microsoft also believes that this price increase is “justified” to support greater development costs than in the past.

Microsoft ideologically follows Sony's footsteps on game price hikes

Microsoft ideologically follows Sony’s lead on the increase in the price of games // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

While some games like Demon’s Soul Remake already reach a price of nearly 80 euros on PlayStation 5, now Microsoft opens the door to an increase in the price of games on Xbox Series S and X. Like Sony, the manufacturer explains that it would be “justified»To respond to the price of AAA games the increase in the cost of their development. In any case, this was estimated by Tim Stuart, CFO of the Xbox division at Microsoft, during a conference organized last week.

However, the interested party refused to explain if this point of view would lead to an increase in titles developed internally by Microsoft in the long term, considering that an announcement would be made “if applicableIf this prospect were to materialize.

Xbox Series X games soon to 80 euros too?

« If you are a game maker, games are more and more expensive to create“, Notably judged Tim Stuart, whose words are transcribed to us by Seeking Alpha and relayed by GamesIndustry. He adds that the goal of publishers and developers is to improve the monetization of their games to support the process of creating future titles and content. He thus estimates that, under these conditions, certain games could go from 60 to 70 dollars (or from 70 to 80 euros in France).

Still according to Tim Stuart, Microsoft would be ready to support publishers so that they are able to take “the right decision based on their content“. The CFO of the Xbox branch also explains that the price of games has not increased for several generations and that there would be nothing abnormal in this changing when “content creation costs are rising“. According to him, this price increase would allow publishers to build up better margins to reach the “kind of income it takes to create awesome and amazing new games ».

It remains to be seen whether in the age of free-to-play and game as a service, on which developers can capitalize on long months to generate income, the general public is really ready to pay 80 euros at once of one for a game …

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