Wednesday, October 21

Microsoft already works on more consoles for the future

Will there be more consoles in the future? Although Microsoft has opted for a service-based system, the company is quite clear that the hardware will not stay on Xbox Series X and Series S. The launch of Xbox Series X and Series S is just around the corner. Microsoft will welcome the new generation with both consoles and although there are still years and years to talk about new projects, the company is already thinking about the future. Phil Spencer gave an interview to Yahoo Finance in which he talked about how Microsoft and Xbox are creating an ecosystem of players attracted by Game Pass and other services. However, this does not mean that the hardware remains in Series X as the latest model. We are to put the player in the center, Spencer explained. It’s no longer about putting the device in the middle. You see it on any other media: my TV is with me wherever I go, my music is with me wherever I go, referring to systems like xCloud. I am in control of the experience and I believe that games are going through the same transformation, so as you say, if you are a Game Pass subscriber, now you can play your great games on our Xbox console, on your PC or now on your phone. Android via streaming. With a catalog of almost 200 titles, Xbox Game Pass for PC is your best option to play these days if you want to spend little money. The first month costs only € 1 and without permanence. In terms of future hardware, I absolutely believe that we will see more console hardware in the future, Spencer added. As in video, as in music, it’s not that streaming has cut off device innovation. I think we will continue to see that and that is absolutely what we are planning. So it looks like Xbox still has a lot to say in the future. For now, that future passes through a specific territory. Microsoft has created an anime mascot for Xbox, to try to attract the Japanese public, with which they can continue to believe. This article was published in Hobby Consolas by David Rodríguez.

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