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Micromania begins to warn those who will have the console on release or not

A few weeks before the arrival of the PlayStation 5, gamers are getting impatient while retailers are getting organized. At Micromania, we are already starting to make people unhappy by indicating those who will benefit from the next-gen Day One and those who will have to be patient.

Sony PlayStation 5

La PlayStation 5 // Gamesdone : Sony

The aura, the aura not? With less than a month before the arrival of the next home consoles, this is the question that torments many buyers who have pre-ordered their Grail by crossing their fingers. Sales of the PlayStation 5 exploded and within hours there were no more units for sale anywhere online. The more the days go by, the closer the fateful date of November 19 approaches for gamers who will want to take advantage of it as soon as possible. But this will not be the case for all …

Assaulted by requests, many resellers like Micromania quickly found themselves out of stock on September 17, the day they opened. Sony even had to apologize on Twitter for a fairly calamitous management and a lack ” fluidity“, Promising additional stock quickly and by the end of the year.

Of Day One for those who have paid for everything

If many orders could not therefore be taken into account, especially for the PS5 Digital Edition whose stocks would be thinner, those who have succeeded in validating their purchase are no longer certain of having it on D-day. Micromania wanted to take the initiative to warn its customers.

The brand sent them an email to recommend the prepayment of the console and go faster in the store for the withdrawal, in particular because of the health context. Because, curfew making, in some big cities, no question of seeing this time of long queue from the day before the exit to be among the first to recover its purchase.

But, warns Micromania, “ in any case (pre-payment) does not condition the availability of your console when it is released“. Purchase validated yes, guaranteed on November 19, no. And this is primarily because of the stocks of the PS5.

Some gamers have therefore received an email announcing the availability on November 19 while others have started to lament their sad fate and will have to wait for a second wave.

As Micromania specifies, this concerns buyers who have made a reservation from the console without validation of payment other than the deposit. Purchases that have already been paid for in full are normally validated for withdrawal on November 19 when the PS5 is available. The others will have to wait for the replenishment.

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