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Mercedes puts the gum on for the year 2021 with 4 models planned

After presenting the outlines of its next electric offensive on October 6, Mercedes is clarifying its schedule this time: the year 2021 will welcome four new trendy models, followed by two SUVs in 2022.

Mercedes EQ

Four Mercedes electric models will arrive in 2021 // Gamesdone: Mercedes

Are we at the dawn of a Mercedes-Benz leap in electric vehicles? The German brand is indeed lagging behind and has only one electrified model under its EQ range, I named the EQC. Tested by the editorial staff, this SUV today does not have the weapons to compete with the current competition. A shy start, therefore, which forces the firm to the star to react quickly.

At the beginning of last October, the group from across the Rhine presented a major offensive made up of two new platforms and a slew of new models. Now the manufacturer details its release schedule. And the least we can say is that 2021 should be a busy, very busy vintage: four electric cars will indeed leave the factory.

The EQS, the big expectation

The EQA compact SUV will first enjoy a world premiere on January 20, 2021. Its production has already started in the Rastatt plant (Germany), while a Chinese industrial site will also take care of it. to assemble it for the local market, in 2021. Based on the same platform as the EQC, the EQA should in any case roll on European roads at the very beginning of next year.

Mercedes EQA

The future Mercedes EQA // Gamesdone: Mercedes

The EQB, another compact SUV, will be designed at Mercedes-Benz’s Hungarian plant in Kecskeméten in 2021. This site will handle global production, while the German-Chinese joint venture BBAC, based in Beijing , will take care of local production. Probably the most anticipated Mercedes electric vehicle, the EQS sedan – based on the new EVA platform – will hit the market in the first half of 2021.

Two SUVs for 2022

The assembly lines of the “Factory 56” plant at the Sindelfingen (Germany) site will produce this future rival of the Tesla Model S. As a reminder, the EQS should claim a range of over 700 kilometers. The production of the EQE sedan will then follow in the second half of 2021 at the Bremen plant.

You will then have to wait until vintage 2022 to see the SUV variations of the aforementioned EQE and EQS. Production will take place on the other side of the Atlantic, near Tuscaloosa (United States). “A battery plant is currently under construction in the immediate vicinity which will provide highly efficient battery systems for both models. Construction work has already been completed», We can read.

To summarize, four electric models – two compact SUVs and two sedans – will be invited in 2021, followed by two more SUVs in 2022.

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