Wednesday, January 27

Mercedes-Benz eScooter, the electric scooter designed to roll 5,000 kilometers

We had never stopped to think about how much mileage an electric scooter can hold. The new Mercedes-Benz eScooter sets the goal at 5,000 kilometers. Electric scooters are vehicles designed for what is called the last mile. Or as Mercedes-Benz itself defines it, the extra mile. That couple of kilometers that go from home to work, from home to university or institute, or to go buy bread, or run some errands. That is why its mileage is less than a car or a motorcycle. Mercedes-Benz, in collaboration with the Swiss company specialized in mobility, Micro Mobility Systems AG, has presented its new electric scooter Mercedes-Benz eScooter. In the press release, the German manufacturer affirms that it has been manufactured with durable and quality materials, with the aim of reaching a mileage of 5,000 kilometers without any problem. The Mercedes-Benz eScooter is a foldable electric scooter that can be carried in the trunk of the car, or even by hand. It weighs 13.5 Kilos. The motor offers a nominal power of 250W, and a maximum power of 500W. It can reach a maximum speed of 20 km / h, which does not seem like a lot but it is the maximum speed allowed for eScooters in Germany. If you put it on sale in other countries it will surely reach 25 km / h. The 7.8 Ah battery offers a range of about 25 km. The charging time varies between 3 and 3.5 hours. New 2020 Xiaomi electric scooter with an improved battery with 30 kilometers of range and a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The 500W motor offers good acceleration and folds in just 3 seconds. This electric scooter from Mercedes-Benz has suspension on both wheels, which have a generous diameter of 20 centimeters. It also has two front and one rear brakes, front and rear lights, and adjustable handlebars at different heights, to suit all ages. The base board is wide, to fit both feet, and is covered with a non-slip material. A display on the handlebar shows speed, battery level and riding mode. At the moment the German brand has not provided a price or launch date.

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