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major update in sight with a new interface for 2021

VLC celebrated its 20th anniversary on February 1st and its founder, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, has his head full of projects. On the program for this year 2021: a new, more modern interface, but also a new web version of the reader as well as an emerging project, designed to compete with IMDb.

For its 20th anniversary, VLC will benefit from a major update in 2021

For its 20th anniversary, VLC will benefit from a major update in 2021 // Gamesdone: VideoLAN

In an interview with Protocol, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, founder of VideoLAN spoke about the novelties expected for VLC in 2021, when the famous multimedia player blew out its twentieth candle and it totals at this time 3.5 billion downloads. Through a major update expected in the coming months, we learn that VLC will benefit from a brand new interface, but also a new web version.

This new interface will be an integral part of VLC 4.0, which is due to arrive later this year. ” We have changed the interface to be a little more modern “, Estimates Jean-Baptiste Kempf, who specifies that it will be an opportunity to include in the application more content from online sources, but always”in a very VLC spirit“. To do this, the reader will notably go through extensions allowing users to exploit third-party content, we read. Protocol indicates, however, that this system could also allow VLC to offer videos subsidized by advertising. An avenue that Jean-Baptiste Kempf and his teams could obviously explore in order to provide financial support to the VideoLAN project.

The IMDb (Internet Movie Database) in the sights

Along with this interface redesign, VLC will soon benefit from a new web version powered by WebAssembly and JavaScript. The latter will replace the partially obsolete plug-in that was added years ago to VLC, and which is no longer supported by most current browsers, notes XDA Developers. As the site specifies, this plug-in worked in a similar way to flash, which has not been officially supported by Adobe since last December.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Jean-Baptiste Kempf indicated that VideoLAN is also working on the design of a new project dubbed Moviepedia. The latter will aim to compete with the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) by means of modifiable content by the community – in the manner of what Wikipedia offers. However, it is not known when this project could see the light of day. Likewise, no specific deployment window has been given for VLC 4.0. We will therefore have to take our troubles patiently.

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