Tuesday, November 24

MagSafe charging will be less efficient than on other models

Apple recalled, through a document published on its official website, that the iPhone 12 Mini will also be compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. The device must nevertheless be limited to a load of 12 W.

The iPhone 12 mini will have to be satisfied with a wireless charging a little less powerful than on the other models

The iPhone 12 mini will have to be content with a wireless charging a little less powerful than on the other models // Gamesdone: Apple

Sure its official website, Apple provides more details on the iPhone 12 Mini’s MagSafe wireless charging support. The small Thumb of the range, which will arrive on the market on November 13 with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, will also be compatible with Apple’s new wireless charging system … but with a small disappointment: the charging power will indeed be limited to only 12 W. As a reminder, the other iPhone models benefit from the 15 W wireless charging. A small difference which could have a slight impact on the charging speed.

Apple’s recommendations for wireless charging

Apple, which no longer provides chargers with its new iPhones, explains for the rest that it will be necessary to equip yourself with a USB-C charger delivering 9V / 2.03A, or more, to take advantage of the full 12 W recharge on the battery. ‘iPhone 12. For other iPhones, 15 W wireless charging this time requires a USB-C charger capable of delivering at least 9V / 2.22A or 9V / 2.56A.

The Californian giant finally splits some instructions. We are reminded, for example, that if an accessory is plugged into the Lightning port of an iPhone 12 (whatever it is), the maximum charging power will automatically drop to 7.5 W only to meet regulatory standards.

Apple also explains that you must place your iPhone on the MagSafe charging cradle after connecting it to a power source. This indeed allows the charger to check what is the maximum charging power that it can send. Otherwise, you will simply have to remove your iPhone from the MagSafe wireless charging cradle, plug it in, wait three seconds then replace the iPhone there so that the charge takes place in good conditions.

As a reminder, the iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max will be available for pre-order from this Friday, November 6.

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