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Lime launches a new electric scooter in Paris to celebrate its profitability

Lime is seeing a turning point after turning a profit for the first time in its history. The operator of self-service electric scooters is also taking the opportunity to launch the Gen4 in Paris, a new, more robust model that benefits from an interchangeable battery.


Lime’s new Gen4 electric scooter // Gamesdone: Lime

Despite the health and economic context of 2020, Lime managed to do well. The company specializing in the rental of self-service electric scooters has indeed reached the breakeven point for the first time in its history, at the outcome of Q3, almost four years after its creation (January 2017).

In an official press release, the industry leader announces that it is on track to generate profits for the full year 2021. The California-based company believes it has found a balance in its business model, proving that shared mobility is a long-term sustainable service and a viable alternative to the car. And to celebrate it all, a new model of two-wheelers will even land in Paris.

Interchangeable battery

The Gen4, of its name, logically succeeds the Gen3 currently in service: this new iteration is intended to be more robust and stands out above all by its interchangeable battery. This system will also apply to the Lime bicycle fleet, so that batteries can be swapped between a bicycle and a scooter. ” This will streamline our operations “, Underlines the firm from across the Atlantic.


The stylistic developments of Lime electric two-wheelers // Gamesdone: Lime

The Gen4 also offers a better lifespan than the Gen3 (limited to two years) and swaps its formerly straight handlebars for a curved handlebar reminiscent of that of VanMoof electric bikes. Lime assures that it will provide a more comfortable grip. The group adds a second handful of brakes to it, which should provide sharper braking, as well as improved suspensions to better understand urban surfaces.

Double kickstand and larger wheels

Thedeckhas meanwhile been lowered to optimize the center of gravity, while a two-legged crutch invites itself to the party for improved balance, once the scooter is parked. Finally, count on 20% larger wheels compared to the previous generation: enough to improve the stability of the vehicle. Note that Lime has launched an unlimited package valid during confinement.



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