Saturday, June 19

Lifecole, this is how the first platform for live online after-school classes works

Academies and extracurricular activities are part of one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. So they look for alternatives to continue doing their work, which is also vital for children and adolescents. Lifecole is one of the most interesting proposals. Since face-to-face classes, at the moment, are not an option, academies are looking for life with new business opportunities, although it should rather be called survival. One of the more mature examples is Lifecole, the first platform to offer live after-school classes. As our colleague Andrea Núñez-Torrón at TICbeat tells us, experts such as the consulting firm McKinsey & Co assure that more than 90 million European workers will have to develop significant new skills. In turn, 21 million will abandon declining jobs by 2030. The Davos Forum already ruled in 2017 that 65% of today’s children will work in professions that do not even exist yet. Therefore, young people must be prepared not to specialize in specific professions, but to learn varied skills that will allow them to adapt to the new needs of the future society. Lifecole’s extracurricular activities proposal focuses on awakening the curiosity of young people, and on learning skills that will be in high demand in the future. We can find courses to build a smart traffic light with Arduino, create a digital clock with Minecraft, or program robots, among others. Of course, there are also traditional activities such as dance, math classes to pass the Selectividad, English classes, learning to play instruments, etc. This has been the year of video calls, and they are surely here to stay. If you do not have a flat rate, it is useful to know which video calls consume the least data. They are classes that cover the entire school year, from 3 to 18 years old. Although there are many online course platforms, most focus on pre-recorded video or text courses. The most interesting thing about Lifecole is that it uses live video. So the children interact with the teachers and can answer questions the moment they arise. Surface Laptop Go is Microsoft’s lightest laptop, ideal for teleworking and studying. With camera enhancements for video calls, full keyboard, instant on, fast charging and all-day battery life. The classes use the Zoom streaming video platform, which is available in any browser and there are apps for almost all devices. So you can follow the matter on a PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, television, etc. A course of more than 4 sessions costs around 60 euros. You have more information on the Lifecole website.

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