Wednesday, January 27

Lidl’s electric window cleaner effortlessly leaves windows, mirrors and more flawless

Cleaning windows and mirrors requires some skill if you want to get good results, and it is also a very laborious task. Effortlessly leave any smooth surface flawless with Lidl’s new Vibrating Electric Window Cleaner. If they ask you about the chores that are the most difficult for you, cleaning the windows is surely one of them. And it is that leaving the windows very clean is not easy: if you do not have a little practice, marks tend to remain, and in the end the entire floor ends up full of water. To make this task much more comfortable and simple, you have at your disposal the new Lidl electric window cleaner. Although it is also from the SilverCrest brand, it is a different model from the one we showed you a few months ago: unlike the previous one, it is equipped with a pad for cleaning the surfaces and has a vibration function to remove more dirt difficult without effort. This SilverCrest electric window cleaner is perfect for cleaning windows, partitions, mirrors, glass tables, tiles, and other smooth surfaces that are not easily scratched. Its operation is very simple: first you have to fill the water tank and place the included cloth on the cleaning pad. Next, press the spray button to moisten the pad and sweep the appliance over the surface in circular motions. If the dirt is deeply encrusted, activate the vibration to remove it easily. If you want to equip your kitchen at the best price, don’t miss this selection of the best cheap Lidl appliances available for less than 40 euros. This appliance has the advantage that it moistens the surfaces to be cleaned without dripping, so you will not splash water on the floor. It equips a lithium battery with a capacity of 2,100 mAh, which provides an autonomy of about 35 minutes, enough to clean about 100 square meters on a single charge. The rechargeable glass cleaner with vibration from Lidl is priced at 29.99 euros and you can buy it now in the online store. In addition, throughout the month of October shipping costs are free if you write the code “MESTIVALDELIDL” (without quotes) before finalizing the payment. Are you a fan of SilverCrest devices? If the answer is yes, you would surely like to know who makes the Lidl appliances. Out of stock or would you like to take a look at other options? Here are other cheap electric window cleaners for sale on Amazon Spain:

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