Monday, March 8

Lidl is already expanding its range of connected home products

Hardly arrived in store, already reinforced. Lidl’s Smart Home range is enriched with new products for the connected home. We now find in particular an outdoor wall light and a remote control for connected bulbs.

Lidl is determined to establish itself in your connected home. After finally launching its range of Lidl Smart Home products in France at the beginning of February, the retail chain is already expanding it with the arrival of new references to enhance your home automation system.

We find in particular the connected USB power strip (19.99 euros) that we were able to test. It allows three devices to be plugged in and managed individually if desired, automating them in scenarios as well. Also strong: its four USB-A ports that work even if you have disabled your devices.

A starter kit to get started with home automation

Lidl also adds an LED wall light to be installed outdoors. It comes in three different designs (29.99 euros) and is IP 44 certified to withstand rain. You can choose to vary its light intensity and even control it by voice with Google Home, the first compatible voice assistant. As with the power strip, you must always use a gateway conforming to the Zigbee standard, whether it is the one offered by Lidl or another.

The Starter Pack remote control to control Lidl Smart Home connected bulbs

The Starter Pack remote control to control Lidl Smart Home connected bulbs // Gamesdone: Lidl

As of March 1, Lidl will offer a Smart Home starter pack for all newcomers to home automation. It will include the gateway, three RGB LED bulbs as well as a remote control which is not currently marketed. It lets you turn the lights on or off, adjust the intensity or choose the color without going through the Lidl Home app. The Starter Pack will be sold at 49.99 euros.

The Lidl Smart Home range of connected products

The range of Lidl Smart Home connected products // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

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