Friday, January 22

LG Display announces smallest OLED TV screen at CES 2021

LG Display presents its new generation of OLED screens for televisions from 2021. It includes a smaller diagonal, 42 inches.

CES is one of the most important TV shows of the year. LG is still there in force to unveil its new products, but here we are going to focus on the new products of LG Display, its subsidiary specializing in the manufacture of panels. The novelties presented here are therefore aimed at brands wishing to market screens or televisions, such as LG, but also Sony or Philips.

Among the novelties, the one that will concern us the most, common mortals, is the new generation of OLED panels that will equip OLED TVs in 2021.

A wide range of sizes

LG Display presented at CES 2021 an expanded range of OLED panels. In addition to the 48, 55, 65, 77 and 88 inch diagonals that we already know, manufacturers will now have access to 83 inches and 42 inches. We imagine that if LG Display has decided to provide such sizes, it is because they are most likely of interest to brands. We can therefore hope and expect the arrival of small OLED televisions this year, with even lower prices. Enough to make OLED more easily accessible, especially to students.

LG’s OLED TV production should rise in 2021 to more than 7 million units, against 4.5 million in 2020. Enough to allow OLED to experience new growth.

The finial is 77 inches

That’s not all, LG announces that its 77-inch screen benefits from a new technological generation. Thus, the panel would be 20% more efficient in the production of light, which would increase the maximum brightness, but also would allow to display ever more vivid colors.

LG Display has indicated that this new technology will be applied to high-end OLED TVs starting this year.

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