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LG 2021 soundbars will connect better to your iPhone

LG has announced the arrival of its next soundbars for all profiles. And several models will add AirPlay 2 functionality to their compatibility with Apple HomeKit and other voice assistants.

LG may have given up on the smartphone market, but the South Korean firm is still stepping on the accelerator when it comes to soundbars. The brand has announced new models for 2021, focusing in particular on their new possibilities.

All on-board voice assistants

First, the 2021 sound bars and dedicated TV speakers will be compatible with all voice assistants, from Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa to Siri, thanks to compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit.

“It’s now easier than ever to control devices and play your favorite music from compatible devices and services,” LG explains. “And with Apple AirPlay 2 support, customers can stream, control and share their favorite music and other content right from their iPhone, iPad or Mac. “

Compatibility with AirPlay 2 concerns three first models which will soon be available in Europe and the United States:

  • SP11RA – 770W (7.1.4)
  • SP9YA – 520 W (5.1.2)
  • SP8YA – 440 W (3.1.2)
The bar of son LG SP9YA

The LG SP9YA sound bar // Gamesdone: LG

In total, LG presented five new models, with systems from 5.1 to 7.4.4 for the SP11RA soundbar, the most upscale. In addition to the three models previously mentioned, there are the SPD7Y (380 W) and SP7Y (440 W) which do not benefit from AirPlay 2.

A new range for all sounds

All new 2021 models will support Dolby Atmos and DTS: X for 3D audio, will be Dolby Vision and 4K compatible. Several models are Hi-Res certified. The sound bars will integrate an HDMI eARC socket, a USB socket and the possibility of streaming in Bluetooth.

They will all, however, have the AI ​​Sound Pro function, an algorithmic processing offered with LG televisions. TV audio is played through the soundbar in share mode and allows more audio processing power on the bar’s speakers. There is also AI Room Calibration, an automatic audio calibration system according to your room to adjust the diffusion.

LG's new high-end soundbars now feature AirPlay 2

LG’s new high-end soundbars now have AirPlay 2 // Gamesdone: LG

On the strength of its partnership with sound specialist Meridian, LG is introducing a new function called Meridian Horizon. This consists of mixing the two-channel stereo content into a promised more immersive multi-channel sound.

No price or date of marketing have been communicated.

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