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Lexar currently offers the cheapest 1TB microSD around


MicroSDs that start from a terabyte of data to store are not the ones that have democratized the most, because they are still expensive. Lexar then tries to differentiate itself by offering its 1TB card as cheaply as possible, namely 165 euros.

Many devices are compatible with 1TB microSDs, such as some smartphones, GoPro type action cameras or even the Nintendo Switch. The large storage of these cards is practical, because it allows not to accumulate many microSD with small capacity. And today, no need to spend a fortune to get one!

The Lexar 1TB microSD in brief

  • Transfer speed up to 150MB / s
  • UHS3 and V30 compatibility for filming in 4K
  • A2 for better launches of games and applications

Instead of the usual 206.53 euros, the Lexar Play 1TB microSD card is now available on sale for only 165.22 euros on Amazon.

Learn more about the Lexar Play microSD

The Lexar Play 1TB microSD doesn’t perform as well as a SanDisk Extreme Pro, but it’s easily forgiven for its price. Especially since it still achieves a transfer speed of up to 150 MB / s read. In writing, the brand announces 104 MB / s based on its internal tests.

Like its more expensive competitor, this mini storage card is A2 certified to guarantee minimum speeds, between 10 and 30 MB / s in read and write, and 4000/2000 IOPS in sequential write / read, to allow applications and games maintain good performance when running, whether on your smartphone / tablet or Nintendo Switch.

If you want to insert this microSD into a device capable of filming in 4K, that is also possible. With the V30 / UHS 3 class, it can record videos up to Ultra High Definition at 60 frames per second. Lexar therefore provides you with the ideal companion for your drone or action camera, at a lower price.

The alternatives

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