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Less than 20 euros for this 128 GB microSD perfect for 4K


You don’t have to choose just any microSD if you want to record 4K videos with your smartphone, camera or drone. The SanDisk Extreme is perfect for this use and today you can find the model with 128 GB of storage for less than 20 euros on Amazon.

The SanDisk Extreme microSD meets most needs. It is powerful enough to run all games and applications from a smartphone / tablet and even to record videos up to 4K with a drone or an action camera. The 128 GB model is at half price right now!

In short

  • High speed, up to 160 MB / s
  • A2 certified, minimum speed of 10 MB / s
  • UHS 3 and V30 classes for recording in 4K

Instead of around forty euros usually, the SanDisk Extreme 128 GB microSD (delivered with its SD adapter) is now available on sale for only 19.99 euros on Amazon after a 49% discount.

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The microSDs in the SanDisk Extreme family all offer high transfer speeds of up to 160MB / s read and 90MB / s write. The model with 128 GB of storage is obviously no exception to the rule.

We first find the A2 certification to guarantee minimum speeds, between 10 and 30 MB / s in reading as well as in writing, and 4000/2000 IOPS in sequential writing / reading, to allow applications and games to maintain good performance. at runtime. These are speeds much higher than the certified A1 microSD of the Ultra range, for example.

With the V30 / UHS 3 class, it is also possible to shoot and record video up to 4K at 60 frames per second. The SanDisk Extreme microSD is therefore perfect for inserting into a GoPro-type camera, a DJI drone or a camera using the SD adapter supplied with it. The latter also facilitates the transfer of data to a PC / Mac.

Finally, note that this microSD is very resistant, whether facing immersion in water, high temperatures (-25 to 85 degrees), shocks and even X-rays. In addition, it is lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

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