Wednesday, June 23

Legrand presents a wireless and battery-free switch

The Legrand With Netatmo range will be enriched with a new innovative product. A stand-alone switch, wireless and battery-less, which operates using a mechanical energy recovery device.

Legrand and the CEA unveil a wireless switch or battery

Legrand and CEA unveil wireless or battery switch // Gamesdone: Legrand

No more hassles of installation and switches never necessarily positioned in the right place. Legrand, the world specialist in electrical switches and sockets, has unveiled a new technology that will please users and good for the planet.

A switch to position where you want

Here are wireless and battery-less switches. Yes, they will light up your lamps and ceiling lights. But they will do it by being positioned anywhere. Designed in collaboration with the CEA, the French Atomic Energy Commission and Alternative Energies, this new product is completely autonomous and can even be placed flat on a bedside table for use. How can it work? In a rather new way.

Offering a switch that is not fixed in the wall and connected to the home’s electrical network is not new at Legrand, which already had this solution in its pocket, which is very practical, particularly in renovation. Where the technology resulting from the collaboration with the Center for Research and Innovation, and protected by three patents, takes on its importance, it is on the abandonment of the lithium battery which until then powered the switch to control light bulbs or electric shutters via the ZigBee standard.

Wireless switches will now rely on a built-in mechanical energy recovery device. Baptized energy harvesting or energy recovery, this process stores the energy necessary for its operation from external sources, which can be solar, vibratory or kinetic (pressing the button gives energy). This will be enough to power the low consumption electrical circuit because a very small amount of energy is enough. This process tends to become generalized to eventually replace the batteries of small portable devices.

A gesture for the planet

And this innovation has a completely different interest: with the abandonment of batteries, it is also the environment that breathes. The building could thus become connected and more sustainable, reducing its impact on the planet.

As a world leader, Legrand, which intends to add this product to its range With Netatmo devices for the connected home, could prompt other manufacturers to do the same. But do not hide your face: if your switch can be placed anywhere to operate, you must always install a micromodule in your lighting or on your roller shutters.

No availability date or price have been communicated for this innovative switch. Legrand and the CEA announce the development “of a new generation“. The technology could therefore be carried into other consumer products.

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