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learn all about this new aid for the purchase of a clean vehicle

The government has officially put in place a new financial aid for the purchase of a low-emission vehicle. Called microcredit, this boost amounts to a maximum of 5,000 euros and is aimed at low-income people.

Conversion bonus, ecological bonus on new and used electric cars, additional premium in Low Emission Zones (ZFE): aid for the purchase of a connected vehicle is not lacking in France. And to further boost this sector of the future, the State has deployed a whole new boost called “Microcredit for clean vehicles”. We take stock.

What is the microcredit for clean vehicles?

The microcredit for clean vehicles is a financial aid of a maximum amount of 5,000 euros. This amount may vary depending on the income of each. Guaranteed up to 50% by the State, this premium covers the purchase, long-term rental (LLD) and rental with option to purchase (LOA) of a new or used low-pollution vehicle.

Who is the microcredit for clean vehicles intended for?

With the most modest incomes, specifies the government. In this case, to “people excluded from the traditional banking system, with low incomes or in a fragile professional situation», We can read. The idea here is therefore to promote the purchase of an electric vehicle even for people who usually cannot afford it.

The prices of connected cars are still one of the main obstacles to the acquisition of such a mode of transport. Supporting the smallest incomes to strengthen the dynamics of the sector is therefore one of the solutions put in place by the government to make electric cars even more attractive.

Which cars are affected by microcredit?

Be careful, and as you can imagine, not all cars are eligible for this microcredit. Here are the affected models:

  • Passenger cars and vans (electric or hybrid) certified Crit’Air 0;
  • Passenger cars and (thermal) vans certified Crit’Air 1 and whose CO2 emission rate is less than or equal to 132 g / km1;
  • Vehicles with two or three wheels and quadricycles with an electric motor (example: Citroën Ami or Renault Twizy).

Who to ask for a microcredit?

The government relies on social support services to support potential beneficiaries in their efforts. Such a service “will study your project and help you put together your file, before presenting it to an approved bank», We can read. “He will accompany you in all the administrative procedures», Adds the press release.

The French Red Cross is part of the support services for obtaining a microcredit

The French Red Cross is part of the support services for obtaining a microcredit

The document also lists the list of services concerned, as follows: Adie; National Association of Local Mission Directors; regional chambers of social overindebtedness (Cresus); French Red Cross; Federation of Rural Families; Foundation to act against exclusion (Face); Restaurants of the heart; Catholic Relief ; National Union of Family Associations (Unaf); National Union of Communal Social Action Centers (Unccas)

Can you combine the microcredit with other aids?

Good news: yes. It is quite possible to accumulate the conversion bonus, the maximum ecological bonus of 7,000 euros and the microcredit in the amount of 5,000 euros. In total, the cumulative premiums can therefore reach very attractive sums and drastically drop the price of an electric car. Note that the microcredit of 5,000 euros can be spread over a maximum period of 5 years.

An example to get a better idea

In its press release, the government illustrates its comments with a very simple example, which we will take up here. A motorist discards an old petrol Renault Clio from 2005, and decides to buy a used Renault Zoe for 9,000 euros. The person concerned receives 6000 euros in aid (conversion bonus of 5000 euros and ecological bonus of 1000 euros).

In this case, her income allows her to benefit from a microcredit, of 3000 euros, therefore to supplement other aid. He “therefore has no financial advance to make for the acquisition of his new vehicle“. Of course, this example cited necessarily idealizes the situation, but microcredit can still prove to be very interesting financially speaking for small incomes.

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