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launched in Europe, this electric car is drab, but very affordable

After having marketed its SA 01 electric sedan in China last year, the Chinese manufacturer Suda is attacking the European continent by launching its vehicle in Germany at a price of 18,990 euros. Nevertheless, the design of the automobile remains obsolete.

Court SA 01

The automobile manufacturer Suda is currently not the best known in Europe, although it has certain ambitions on the Old Continent. To strengthen its presence there, it has set foot in Germany by launching its SA 01 electric sedan on the market, marketed in China since 2019, reports the specialized site. Forococheselectricos.

Around 10,000 euros with bonus

Unfortunately for her, the Suda SA 01 does not make an impression at first sight. On the contrary. Its outdated aesthetic lines give it a dull, if not ugly, overall style. But it is on the price side that this trendy car stands out thanks to an aggressive price of 18,990 euros. This amount is approaching 10,000 after the application of the German ecological bonus of 6,000 euros.

The sad interior of the Suda SA 01

The gloomy interior of the Suda SA 01 // Gamesdone: Via Forococheselectricos

On the technical side, the Suda SA 01 benefits from an 80 kW (109 horsepower) engine and a top speed of 134 km / h. Not really optimized to take advantage of the country’s freeways without speed limits, but we will have to live with it. Its 39.5 kWh battery also gives it a range of 200 kilometers, according to the WLTP approval protocol.

A shy start

The on-board charger supports a charging power of 3.7 kW, although the car can also go up to 22 kW direct current, even 50 kW on the 2021 vintage variants. To date, 200 models have been delivered. in Germany. Suda thus joins its counterparts Aiways and BYD, which are also eyeing a European market increasingly popular with Chinese manufacturers.

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