Wednesday, December 1

LastPass Free will force you to choose to stay free


LastPass has announced a major change in its pricing policy. The password manager will now be chargeable if you want to use it both on the move and on a computer.

LastpassThe password manager market is becoming more and more competitive as Apple and Microsoft in particular are starting to natively integrate their own solutions into their ecosystems. Alternatives like LastPass are still around and help ensure full compatibility outside of the ecosystem. It can also be reassuring not to entrust even more data to a digital giant and favor an independent solution.

For users of LastPass in its free version, the party will unfortunately be over soon.

Limitations from March 16

LastPass officially announced on its blog that starting March 16, the free version will be limited to one type of device: mobile or PC. It will always be possible to use the service on an unlimited number of devices inside this type, but you will have to choose between the two types if you do not want to pay. So if you only use LastPass on computers, you will no longer have access to the smartphone version, but you will be entitled to an unlimited number of uses on different PCs.

In addition, LastPass announces that from May 17, email support will be available only to its LastPass Premium and LastPass Family customers.

Many free alternatives exist

Since this announcement, many Internet users have started looking for a new password manager that would remain completely free. We offer you on Frandroid a selection of the best on the market. My personal recommendation remains the Bitwarden service.

Already adopted by several members of the editorial staff, Bitwarden is a completely free password manager, but also open source and free. The service is offered as an app or as an extension for all browsers and devices. Obviously, the strength of Bitwarden is its end-to-end encryption of data, and the possibility, if you wish, to host its own safe. To pay, the service also offers a premium version on subscription, which unlocks secure online storage and the integration of a TOTP code generator for two-factor authentication on other services.

Switching from LastPass to Bitwarden is also quite simple since it suffices to export data from your LastPass account, and import from Bitwarden, to recover all of your passwords.


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