Sunday, April 11

laptops with real mechanical keyboards are coming

Dell has signed a key partnership with Cherry MX, well known to gamers, to integrate a new kind of mechanical keyboard into its gaming laptops.

For several years now, mechanical keyboards have been on the rise among gamers. They promise in particular a greater comfort of typing, a better physical return under the finger and the absence of ” ghosting », Allowing more keys to be pressed faster or at the same time.

Until then, mechanical keyboards were completely absent fromlaptops gaming, if we put aside an attempt by MSI with the GT75VR in 2017, a laptop of 17 inches and weighed nearly 4.7 kg. Cherry MX, the manufacturer behind the mechanical switches used on most keyboards today announces its arrival in the laptop market with Alienware.

Un nouveau switch « MX ultra low profile »

To find its place in modern laptops, always thinner and lighter, Cherry has developed a brand new MX Ultra Low Profile switch to achieve a height of 3.5 mm, far from the 18.5 mm required by a classic MX Original switch. .

We will obviously wait to test the keyboard for ourselves, but Cherry MX and Alienware promise to find the comfort of a real mechanical keyboard, with a typing close to MX blue. The brand announces a lifespan of at least 15 million keystrokes per key.

Alienware m15 R4 and m17 R4: the first PCs equipped

Dell’s Alienware gaming brand is the first major Cherry MX partner to launch laptops with mechanical keyboard. In this case, Alienware takes the opportunity to unveil the m15 R4 and the m17 R4, respectively with screens of 15 and 17 inches. Cherry MX mechanical keyboard takes the form of an option at 100 euros in France. All the keyboard keys, with the exception of function keys F1 to F12, will benefit from the mechanical switch.

The Alienware M15 is available from today, from 2248 euros.

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