Tuesday, January 19

Just a tech gift or two this year under the tree for most of you

With the Christmas holidays just days away, maybe expect a tech giveaway, or two, or more. We asked you this as part of our survey this week.

Christmas is coming up

The Christmas holidays are approaching // Gamesdone: Oleg Zaice sur Pexels

The end of 2020 is slowly approaching and the holidays with it. Like every year, this is an opportunity to spoil your loved ones or to be spoiled. And if the year could have been complicated from a health or moral point of view, it will have reserved some good surprises in terms of technologies.

Between the democratization of headphones true wireless, new consoles and graphics cards, ever more efficient smartphones or a number of other devices, manufacturers have been busy in 2020. The end of the year celebrations can therefore be an excellent opportunity to order one or more high gifts. tech for the foot of the tree.

How many tech giveaways are you expecting?

This is precisely the question we asked you last week, a few days before Christmas. How many high tech gifts would you love to receive for the holidays, whether you asked for or were hoping for them with all your heart?

About a hundred people participated and the majority of those polled hope for nice gifts without having eyes bigger than the stomach. In fact, 47% of you would like to receive one or two tech products for the holidays.

Frandroid survey results on tech Christmas gifts

Very few people expect more than five tech gifts under the tree

Others just don’t wait for any technological device under the tree, maybe because they don’t celebrate Christmas, just don’t need it, or don’t want to devote part of their budget to it.

A handful of spoiled or greedy respondents are squarely crossing their fingers for three to five tech gifts (8.3%). A tiny fraction of the participants (1.1%) would really like more than five packages under the tree for a glorious Christmas!

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