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JBL launches noise-canceling headphones and earphones with its JBL Tour range

JBL launched a new range at CES 2021 with two new premium products, the JBL Tour Pro Plus headphones and the JBL Tour One headphones.

The JBL Tour One helmet

The JBL Tour One helmet // Gamesdone: JBL

This Thursday, a few days before the official opening of CES 2021, JBL announced its new product lines for the coming year. It must be said that 2021 is not a year like any other for the brand of the Harman Kardon group, since it is celebrating its 75 years.

For the occasion, JBL unveiled a whole new range of products, more oriented towards the high end: JBL Tour. It is thus a noise reduction headphones, the JBL Tour One, and a pair of true wireless headphones, the JBL Tour Pro +, which were presented.

The JBL Tour One headphones offer a circum-aural format with cushions that encompass the ear. The Bluetooth headset also offers an adaptive noise reduction system. On the autonomy side, the American manufacturer is playing the big guns since it announces a use of up to 50 hours in audio playback, without specifying however whether it is an autonomy with or without noise reduction. In addition to noise reduction, the headphones benefit from a talk thru allowing you to hear the people to whom you speak. It also includes compatibility with voice assistants.

The JBL Tour One helmet

The JBL Tour One helmet // Gamesdone: JBL

Regarding audio quality, JBL announces compatibility of its JBL Tour One headphones with the hi res audio. It is not known, however, which codecs the noise-canceling headphones support and the size of the built-in transducers.

Active noise canceling headphones

The other product in the new JBL Tour range is none other than the JBL Tour Pro + noise canceling headphones. Like the headphones, they therefore benefit from a noise reduction system thanks to the integration of three microphones per earphone: two outside and one inside. We thus benefit from hybrid noise reduction. The JBL Tour Pro + can also be controlled by touch and offers a total of thirty hours of autonomy thanks to the charging box.

JBL Tour Pro Plus headphones

JBL Tour Pro Plus headphones // Gamesdone: JBL

The JBL Tour One headphones and the JBL Tour Pro + headphones will be available from next May. For now, the manufacturer has not communicated on the prices of these new audio products.

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