Thursday, January 21

JBL announces two headsets and a pair of headphones for its Live range

JBL took advantage of its CES 2021 conference to unveil a new pair of true wireless headphones, the JBL Live Pro +, as well as two new noise-canceling headphones, the JBL live 660NC and JBL Live 460NC.

JBL Live Pro + headphones

JBL Live Pro + headphones // Gamesdone: JBL

In addition to its new JBL Tour range, the American manufacturer took advantage of CES 2021 to present new audio devices for its more accessible range. These are two headphones and a pair of true wireless headphones that were unveiled this Thursday by the firm.

On the headphones side, JBL has officially unveiled its new pair of true wireless, the JBL Livre Pro +. These are completely wireless headphones with a cotton swab shape, like AirPods. The headphones are however in-ear, in order to guarantee good passive isolation. The JBL Live Pro + also offers adaptive active noise reduction.

The manufacturer also promises six hours of battery life with noise reduction enabled, as well as IPX4 certification, touch controls and wireless charging of the case. On the sound quality side, JBL has integrated 11mm transducers in its headphones. However, it is not known which will be the compatible Bluetooth codecs.

The JBL Live Pro + will be offered next April in France at a price of 179 euros. Four colors will be available: black, white, pink and beige.

Two new noise canceling headphones presented

In addition to these true wireless headphones, JBL also announced two new headphones: the JBL Live 660NC and the JBL Live 460NC. As their name suggests, these are two active noise canceling headphones with a lot in common. On both models, we will thus find an autonomy of 50 hours in classic reading and 40 hours with active noise reduction, but also calls in stereo, a connection to several sources at the same time and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The JBL Live 460NC headphones

The JBL Live 460NC headphones // Gamesdone: JBL

Nevertheless, it is on the format that the two helmets will stand out. Indeed, the JBL Live 660NC is a circum-aural headphone whose pads will surround the outer ear, while the JBL Live 460NC is an over-aural headphone that comes to rest on the ear. Concretely, in addition to questions of comfort or size, this will also have an impact on passive insulation, circum-aural headphones offering better passive insulation than the supra-aural format.

The JBL Live 660NC headphones

The JBL Live 660NC headphones // Gamesdone: JBL

The JBL Live 660NC headphones will be launched next March at 199 euros in black, blue and white, while the JBL Live 460NC will be offered at 129 euros on the same date in black, blue, white or pink.

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