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its reverse wireless charging could more than double in power

According to a new FCC certification for the Galaxy S21, the power of its reverse wireless charging could climb to 9W, against 4W previously.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and its S21 Plus and S21 Ultra variants are just around the corner. Expected during the month of January 2021, the trio has been the subject of numerous leaks for several weeks now. Their names and design are confirmed more and more according to a new indiscretion based on a teaser official, while the absence of a charger in the box tends to come closer and closer to reality.

Now, an FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the United States) certification has been spotted and notably relayed by GSMArena. This step is a mandatory step for a manufacturer to be able to market a product on a given market. The opportunity generally to learn a little more about the device in question, or to confirm certain information already known.

9W power for reverse wireless charging?

The document mentions this time a reverse wireless charging of 9W: a power that more than doubles compared to the 3.5 or 4W observed on Samsung devices of previous generations – the Galaxy S10, for example -, according to the tests and calculations at the time published by Android Authority.

If this novelty is confirmed, the Galaxy S21 will therefore be able to share their battery with another device with a higher power, just to recharge the beneficiary in a faster period of time. Now all you have to do is take your trouble patiently before the Korean group definitively confirms this information.

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