Monday, March 8

It’s rare, the Nintendo Switch is 275 euros on Cdiscount

If you waited for the Nintendo Switch to pass over the 300 euros mark to offer it to you, you will be delighted. Console goes to 275 euros on Cdiscount for Cdiscount members at will with the promo code: 25EUROS.

You all know it, but we are going to act as if it was not the case: the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that can act as a home console but also be used outdoors, as in transport thanks to its great mobility. . The console is equipped with a 6.2-inch HD touchscreen, 32 GB of storage and an Nvidia Tegra chip. Its Joy-Con are detachable and thus allow multiplayer clashes. For those who are fans of more “classic” controllers, it is also possible to play on the Switch with la manette Switch Pro.

It is offered today at 275 euros on Cdiscount with the code 25EUROS.

Why do we recommend the Nintendo Switch?

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