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it’s official, temporary messages land on the application


As expected, temporary messages officially land on WhatsApp. With this option enabled, anything you send will be deleted after seven days.

WhatsApp temporary message

Temporary messages officially arrive on WhatsApp // Gamesdone: WhatsApp

The arrival of ephemeral messages on WhatsApp was expected, here it is now official. A blog post published by the messaging application teams indeed confirms the news.

Our goal is to make conversations on WhatsApp as close to in-person conversations as possible, which means there is no need to keep track of them forever. It is therefore with enthusiasm that we are launching a feature that allows you to send temporary messages on WhatsApp.

Messages deleted after seven days

This feature, when enabled, will delete all messages seven days after they are sent. Thus, for individual conversations, each of the two parties can activate or not these temporary messages on WhatsApp. In group chats, only admins will have this capability.

This feature will launch with messages disappearing after 7 days, as we believe this provides the peace of mind of knowing that your conversations will not be kept indefinitely, without sacrificing the convenience of being able to know. what was the subject of your discussion.

Deployment throughout the month

A few additional points need to be clarified. It should be noted that the messages sent before the activation of this new option are not affected and therefore not deleted.

Additionally, if you send a temporary message containing media, that media will also be deleted. However, if your contact has enabled media upload by default on their WhatsApp account, the images and videos will still end up on their phone.



WhatsApp teams specify that this deployment concerns all users around the world and will be done gradually throughout the month of November. The platform already offers a page explaining how to enable or disable this feature.

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