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it’s confirmed, an Always-on Display mode is approaching


OnePlus will integrate the Always-on Display into its connected watch during the next updates of the OS. A news that will delight (future) users of the OnePlus Watch.

The OnePlus Watch worn on the wrist

The OnePlus Watch worn on the wrist // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

The OnePlus Watch arouses the interest of many people. The connected watch is due out in France on April 30, 2021 after a pre-order phase open since April 14.

The OnePlus Watch will initially come with basic functions such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and SpO2. However, some expected features are not natively present, which made some users react.

Result: the manufacturer reacts and promises that it will add new features, including the Always-on Display, as and when updates are planned for the OnePlus Watch.

The impact on the battery

OnePlus has been clear, some options like the Always-on-Display may not be available from the start, as the brand fears too much impact on battery life. OnePlus does not yet have enough perspective on battery behavior.

For now, the connected watch has an autonomy announced at fifteen days, which remains well above the average. But turning on the Always-on Display could drain the battery twice as fast, depending on the brand.

The physical buttons of the OnePlus Watch

There are two physical buttons on the side of the OnePlus Watch // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

However, the feedback from some users prompted OnePlus to confirm the upcoming arrival of the Always-on Display. In addition, a first corrective has already been deployed for those residing in the United States and Canada, other countries will receive it in the coming days.

The OnePlus Watch is not free from flaws, during our handling, several imperfections were quickly noticed. Although it enjoys a successful design and a very good autonomy, it is at the level of the home OS that the OnePlus Watch suffers. Undermined by several translation errors, the interface still needs to improve in depth.

With the updates planned for the OnePlus Watch, we must also expect new dials, an option to control the camera of your smartphone or even new physical activities in the coming months.

Getting started with the OnePlus Watch: promises and fears

We were able to take charge of the OnePlus Watch to share our first feelings about this connected watch before its marketing in France and to make you wait until the complete test of the product.
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