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its 5 nm engraving is finally on track to soon land on our smartphones


With a slight delay on its rival TSMC, Samsung Foundry begins for good the deliveries of chips engraved in 5 nm. The company also signs a record third quarter and forecasts a further increase in shipments of high-performance chips … a good sign for Nvidia?

Samsung Foundry finally delivers its first 5nm chips, a few months after TSMC

Samsung Foundry finally delivers its first 5nm chips, a few months after TSMC // Gamesdone: Samsung

In the 5nm race, Samsung will come in second, but narrowly. During the presentation of its financial results for its third quarter of 2020, Samsung Foundry (a subsidiary of Samsung dedicated to the manufacture of processors), said it has launched shipments of 5nm chips for smartphones. Good news as Samsung seemed until then a little behind in this field against its Taiwanese competitor TSMC, which for its part delivered en masse its first 5 nm chips several weeks ago … in particular to Apple for SoCs A14 of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

This announcement of the Korean giant is accompanied for the rest of good forecasts for the fourth quarter of 2020. The firm mentions in particular shipments on the rise of high performance chips (HPC). As it stands, this could mean that Samsung will deliver more 8 nm (8N) chips to its customer Nvidia, which could take advantage of this increase in shipments to get out of the shortage that is currently hitting its news head on. Ampere graphics cards.

Samsung Foundry braces for rising demand

« Foundry Achieved Record Quarterly Sales Due to Rebounding Demand for Cell Phones and Increased Demand for HPC Chips“, Explains Samsung Foundry in particular in its latest report. “Company positioned for future growth by starting to ship 5nm mobile products and 2.5D solutions», We read further. Samsung estimates that it will be able to sign a new revenue record for the last quarter of its activity in 2020.

Samsung is also starting to talk about its near future in terms of technology. Now that 5 nm is on the rails, the group can indeed devote itself fully, and from the end of the year, to the development of its future 4LPE and 4LPP processes, reports Tom’s Hardware. « During the fourth quarter, (…) we will continue our efforts to increase our lead in advanced processes, completing the design of the second generation of 5nm products and the first generation of 4nm products for mobile useExplained Seung Hoon Han, an executive at Samsung Foundry.

These various advances and the demand already recorded should lead Samsung Foundry to a growth which “will significantly exceed growth [globale] Of the industry“, Assures the group, adding to have for project of”retain important new customers“. An objective that Samsung Foundry could succeed in carrying out, at least on its advanced technologies, since in this area its only competitor is TSMC (already very loaded with orders). And for good reason, GlobalFoundries and UMC (United Microelectronics Corp), have in fact dropped the development of the most sophisticated processes (such as 7 nm, or 5 nm now) several years ago.


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