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it would charge at lightning speed, wired or wireless

The German organization TUV has certified a Xiaomi product, which, given the timing, should be similar to the new Mi 11 flagship. Its charging power suggests that it is the Mi 11 Pro, which would then benefit from ” 65W wired charger and 67W wireless charging.

Xiaomi Mi 11

Le Xiaomi Mi 11 // Gamesdone : Xiaomi

At the end of December 2020, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi lifted the veil on its new flagship, also called Xiaomi Mi 11, then reserved only for the local market. This conference called for another, this time addressed to international markets, scheduled for February 8 to announce the global launch of its flagship.

This meeting should not only give pride of place to the Mi 11. Without a doubt, its Pro version should stand out and proof of its existence had been highlighted at the end of the year. A new element makes us think that it will benefit from one of the highest charging power on the market.

Confirmed wireless 67 W

On Twitter, the leaker Mukul Sharma released TUV certification – Association for Technical Inspection, a German body in charge of certifying new products – a device stamped Xiaomi. With regard to timing, there is every reason to believe that this is the famous Mi 11. But another clue is more reminiscent of the Mi 11 Pro.

According to the information unveiled at the December conference, the Mi 11 would indeed benefit from a 55 W wired load and another 50 W wireless. However, the certification mentions a power of 65 and 67 W which would correspond therefore to another device. The first could however be akin to a wired charging, while the second would represent a wireless charging.

If so, then this wireless charging would be the most powerful on the market. This certification coincides well with recent information from XDA-Developers, according to which Xiaomi would prepare two smartphones charging at 67 W wirelessly. Among them, a flagship that would integrate the Snapdragon 888 … processor that embeds the Mi 11 and, logically, the Mi 11 Pro.

Stand out from the classic version

To stand out from the classic version, it would make sense for the Pro variant to benefit from a little more watts during a charging session, whether wired or wireless. The 65W wired charging is by and large nothing new, but it is among the very best on the market.

Except that in a few months, even faster chargers will appear. Xiaomi, Oppo or Qualcomm are indeed preparing 120, 125 or even 100 W chargers, but they are not quite ready yet. Although their launch should take place in the course of 2020.

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