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is your phone number affected by the big data breach?

After discovering a security hole on Facebook exposing 533 million phone numbers around the world, we wanted to know if yours was in the leaked database.


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The spotlight was on Facebook earlier this week after a big data breach was revealed. As a result of this, 533 million telephone numbers found themselves in the middle of nature, including around 20 million French numbers.

This major security breach dates back to 2019 when Facebook offered a contact import tool on its mobile application. The functionality had been updated, but the damage was already done. All these phone numbers had been extracted and collected by malicious people.

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If your number is in Facebook’s leak database, we recommend that you watch out for potential abusive phone calls and fraudulent text messages.

In addition, it is important to warn about the dangers of SIM swapping. A technique that allows a hacker to steal your identity. Changing your phone number without changing your mobile plan could therefore be a good solution to protect yourself from it.

Are you affected by this Facebook flaw?

As part of our weekly survey, we would like to know if, after checking on one of the two sites we recommend, your phone number is affected by this Facebook security breach.

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