Tuesday, April 13

Is the Apple AirPods Max a headset that makes you want?

Apple has lifted the veil on its very first headphones with active noise reduction, the AirPods Max. For you, is it a real crush or an excessively expensive product that is unlikely to add to your paraphernalia of technological devices? That’s the whole point of this survey.

With its AirPods Max, Apple puts its first foot in the world of wireless audio headsets. Insistent rumors have long foreshadowed the arrival of such a product, before the firm at the apple officialized it on December 8, 2020 through a simple press release. The American press was able to get their hands on it, with a unanimous conclusion: it would be one of the best in terms of noise reduction and sound quality.

The AirPods Max is nonetheless very expensive to purchase: 629 euros, without the Lightning cable to 3.5 mm mini jack (39 euros) to transform it into wired headphones. Here, a difference of 200 euros is noted with the most popular nomadic headphones on the market, signed Sony and Bose. Note also the 20 hours of autonomy announced by the Cupertino company.

Other specs that can be mentioned include the Digital Crown located at the top of the helmet. This rotating ring allows you to adjust the volume, take a call, go to the next song, go back, activate Siri and manage the play / pause of a song.

Does AirPods Max make you want?

Now whether this first headset signed Apple caught your eye, or not. Its high price could indeed put off more than one, although the first tests seem promising for the future.


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