Saturday, February 27

iPhone 13. Possible new Apple launch

With the past of days, and despite the short time that it was released on the market iPhone 12, there are more and more rumors that the Apple brand has a new launch in mind: the iPhone 13.

Although nothing is known for sure, some possible features of the new iPhone model have been leaked: screen always on (mode always-on), aesthetic changes and a screen of 120 Hz.

We have assumed that the new iPhone model will be called iPhone 13, but it is also possible that it takes the name of iPhone 12s.

Possible features of the new model

Although it maintains the same size as previous models, the technology is different. The 120 Hz screen stands out. These screens are already in the iPads Pro for some time.

What is most striking is that its screen is always on, in order to indicate minimal details without consuming so much battery. Some icons, the time and notifications will be displayed.

The camera of the new iPhone 13

Among other improvements, the possible arrival of a more powerful camera on the new Apple model. Despite the great quality that iPhone cameras already have, there is speculation that the portrait mode to videos. Also an astronomy mode in which the camera changes settings when pointing at the sky to take better pictures.

Your primary authentication method will continue to be the fingerprint reader. But this time, it is included below the screen.

However, despite all these details that we have discussed about the new model, nothing will be known officially until the brand officially presents the model. Normally, the presentations are in the months of September or October of each year, so we will still have to wait a few months to know the true characteristics of the iPhone 13.

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