Saturday, September 25

iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Google Pixel 5: discover our photo comparison


Find our photo comparison of the iPhone 12 Pro, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Pixel 5 on Frandroid’s YouTube channel to find out which is the best smartphone in this exercise.

Which of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Google Pixel 5 is the best smartphone for photography? In our video published on our YouTube channel, we tackle the fascinating exercise of the photo comparison in order to determine these three devices by testing them in various situations: classic photo, ultra wide-angle, zoom, portrait, day, night …

iPhone 12 Pro, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Pixel 5: our photo comparison video

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In the video, Arnaud engages in what is commonly called a blind test. Indeed, before judging and comparing each shot, he does not know which smartphone took which photo. An effective way to avoid biased judgment.

This comparison is in particular the occasion to recall how the iPhone 12 Pro, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Pixel 5 are all excellent on the photo, but also, and especially to observe the strengths and weaknesses of each in order to that you can get a complete and relevant opinion on the three smartphones. You will also be able to see if the product of Google can compete or not with those of Apple and Samsung despite a big difference in price.

Price reminder

As a reminder, the iPhone 12 Pro is sold from 1159 euros.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra sees its recommended price start at 1309 euros.

Finally, the Google Pixel 5 is offered at the official single price of 629 euros.


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