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iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: pre-orders on the rise

Launched for pre-orders last Friday, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro had a thunderous first weekend, in the footsteps of the first sales of the iPhone 11. And the surprise comes from the high-end model, much more popular provided that.

The iPhone 12 Pro range

The iPhone 12 Pro range // Gamesdone: Apple

You did not have time to order your iPhone 12 or your iPhone 12 Pro which will be available this Friday? Too bad for you if you hoped to be among the first to take it in hand.

Open since last Friday, pre-orders of the first two Apple smartphones available have skyrocketed. And delivery times are starting to get longer. Currently, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will not be delivered to your home before the beginning of November and there are still some entry configurations or a few colors (but not the blues) available in store in the days following the release if you live in Paris.

A boot equivalent to that of the iPhone 11

All of this is far from a surprise. According to a note to investors published by the site AppleInsider, Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that Apple would have recorded between 7 and 9 million pre-orders for the two devices in a single weekend. According to the TF Securities analyst, this is practically as much as sales of the iPhone 11 over the same weekend last year, a monumental success for the brand in the last quarter (10 to 12 million).

L’iPhone 12

L’iPhone 12 // Gamesdone : Apple

For Kuo, pre-orders of the iPhone 12 Pro have exceeded expectations “due to the initial preference of Apple fans for high-end models, the high demand in the Chinese market and the upcoming peak season demand in the US and Europe (Black Friday sales and purchases of Christmas in particular, editor’s note)He writes.

Demand for the iPhone 12 Pro stronger than expected

In a previous note, the analyst estimated the share of possible shipments for the iPhone 12 to be 40 to 45% against 15 to 20% for each of the other three models (iPhone 12 Pro, the future iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max).

Demand for the iPhone 12 Pro, on the other hand, was stronger than expected. This is undoubtedly explained by the new possibilities offered in photography (in particular the 3rd sensor and LiDAR, RAW photo …) which differentiate it a little more from the iPhone 12, but which nevertheless sports the same design and the same size. screen.

Cardboard in sight for the iPhone 12

While the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will only arrive in early November, with lower expectations, Kuo estimates that the first two models released should represent around 30-35% of shipments volumes each while the iPhone 12 mini like the iPhone 12 Pro Max will only be responsible for 10-15% of requests. This could be explained by a less marked appeal of the Chinese market for the tiny model with its 5.4-inch screen.

Proof of future success: Apple suppliers Foxconn and Pegratron, however, have promised higher bonuses to their employees to speed up production to meet high demand, the newspaper said Economic Daily News. For Taiwanese operators, who sold their models in less than an hour, sales of the iPhone 12 range should be the strongest since those of the iPhone 6, the first models to come in pairs and with larger screens.

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