Thursday, October 29

iOS 14 for iPhone generates a lucrative new business that you can participate in

A designer has managed to amass more than 85,000 euros in less than a week selling an icon pack for the iPhone that will surprise you. Thanks to iOS 14, users now have the possibility of completely redesigning their home screens by changing the application icons to whatever they want, and while many simply show their work on social networks, there are others who also get an economic benefit. Now the designer known online as Traf, has managed to amass almost € 85,000 in just one week by selling his icons to the user community. Traf claims that it has “produced the right content at the right time” although it also required that its icons go viral previously through social networks such as Twitter and also for being named in a well-known technological channel on YouTube. Although in Android it is normal for users to customize the home screens of their terminals to a greater extent, it has not been happening with the iPhone. Now with the arrival of iOS 14, the user can be given greater freedom to customize their home screen, especially highlighting the icons. The design proposed by Traf “is clean, minimalist, elegant and under a dreamy aesthetic”, as has been considered by at least a multitude of users who have not hesitated to pay for the set of minimalist icons. The artist put the entire icon pack on sale at a price of € 24 at the exchange rate, enough to amass the € 85,000 in less than a week. “I knew when I woke up the day after putting them up for sale that my icons would do well, given that I won a few of the greats in my sleep,” he told the BBC. At the moment this pack of icons at € 24 has already been purchased by more than 5000 customers, which is undoubtedly impressive sales. Of course, he warns those who are going to try to emulate his success: “If I had done this exclusively with the aim of making money, I am convinced that it would not have worked so well. You should keep working on the things you enjoy, and share them with the rest of the world, letting the Internet do the rest, ”he adds.

[Vía: BBC]

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