Monday, April 12

iOS 14.5 is available in public beta with its share of new features

After months of development, the next iOS 14.5 update is looming in final version with a public beta now available for download. It comes with a lot of new features, from the choice of advertising tracking to unlocking via the Apple Watch through improved 5G compatibility and support for PS5 / Xbox Series controllers.

Apple last night released the fifth developer preview iOS 14.5 and, at the same time, the company is opening the floodgates for users wishing to test this update through the beta program.

Rarely has an iOS update been so talked about. It must be said that this version brings several new features, some of which, as we know, are largely controversial.

More privacy with the Tracking Transparency Application

With iOS 14.5, Apple first intends to put an end to abusive tracking of users by allowing them to accept or not to be tracked via the IDFA, the unique identifier associated with each iPhone / iPad. A function which recently obtained the support of the French Competition Authority.

Far from having gone unnoticed, this measure in particular provoked the anger of Facebook, which used to track very precisely each user to return them targeted advertising. Now being subject to user approval, Mark Zuckerberg quickly realized that he would not get a satisfactory consent rate and launched an anti-Apple campaign before taking legal action against Tim Cook’s firm, even if it means passing for a hypocrite in the eyes of his colleagues.

No more being stalked without your consent

No more being tracked down without your consent // Gamesdone: Apple

Easy unlocking with the Apple Watch

iOS 14.5 also introduces the possibility of unlocking your smartphone directly from the Apple Watch. The goal is to simplify interactions with the smartphone in this period of pandemic in which wearing a mask undermines Face ID facial recognition.

The watch, attached to the same Apple account, is thus presented as a trusted device. Note, however, that it is not possible to use to unlock a third-party application using Face ID.

iOS 14.5 - unlocking with Apple Watch

Apple Maps s’inspire de Waze

Apple Maps has come a long way and we remember the setbacks of the service in its early days. Still, Apple continues its work on its mapping service and iOS 14.5 now allows users to report accidents, work areas, but also speed cameras in real time.

It remains to be seen how this feature will be introduced in France to comply with the legislation which specifically prohibits the community mapping of speed controls.

iOS 14.5 - Apple maps

But also…

Apple is also optimizing support for two 5G networks on the iPhone 12 with now dual SIM support. Until now this mode was limited to 4G. Now, two 5G lines can be configured on a single device.

Both PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers are now compatible with iOS and iPadOS. It will therefore be possible to use them to take control of a game. Apple is working on this accounting for Mac ARMs.

Along with the introduction of several new emoji, this update introduces a new section within the Find My app. It is thus possible to geolocate compatible third-party products. It is also in this section that we can find its next AirTags, the famous trackers that the Cupertino company is about to unveil … one day or another.

Finally, if iOS 14 allows you to configure by default the email client and the browser of your choice, this update does not propose to choose a favorite streaming music service, but all the same to set a preference for the voice assistant. Siri.

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