Tuesday, October 20

Internet: the advance in downloads and the fastest connection in the world – Social Futuro

Without a doubt, the Internet is the great discovery of recent years. However, risks and fraud can also be found on the net. Some researchers at University College London have achieved what is now known as the fastest Internet connection in the world. This system that they have developed within the university itself allows downloading large files in a few seconds. For example, all the content on Netflix. In fact, it is the fastest method known to date. What is the fastest Internet connection? The fastest connection in the world had been achieved earlier this year by Australian researchers. In this sense, they managed to reach 44.2 Tb / s without changing cables. After running real tests, they achieved a speed of 39 Tb / s. Be that as it may, it was a much faster network than the current one. The fact that it was made using conventional fiber optics stands out, which is even more surprising. However, London researchers have once again beat the Australian record, achieving the Internet at 178 terabits per second, which is a 178,000 Gb / s connection. This scientific achievement in the world of technology allows twice the capacity of fast information in the same time. In addition, it makes it possible to seamlessly integrate all current network traffic, which has multiplied when studying and working from home. Much safer and faster servers are increasingly needed. What makes it possible? The London researchers’ infrastructure for this new network uses broadband that is not yet commercialized, although it is starting to work with 9 THz. The system allows downloading of video files in record time. In addition, the improved amplifiers offer the option of installing optical fibers without much financial investment. A cost of $ 20,000 has been calculated for every 40-100 km of fiber, while the current cost is $ 600,000 per km. This entails a clear reduction in the digital divide, especially from an economic point of view. On the other hand, it also allows the smooth viewing of all types of video files in real time. One reason that has led to this network development is the steady growth of Internet users in the last 10 years. With this platform you can accommodate all requests for online downloads. Finding out about the fastest Internet connection in the world is much easier if you have the advice and explanation of a company of professionals in this area. After all, thanks to fast downloads and the ability to use easy connections, it is possible to stay connected today. Whether you are working or communicating with loved ones, it is necessary to have a fast and secure network anywhere. For this reason, we must support technological advance, it is essential.


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